How to Access Local Sever on Other Devices

Nov 25, 2022
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In this article, I am going to show you how you can access your local/localhost server on any other device (Android or iOS).

To access your local server, you only one thing IP Address of the device where the server is running. Now there could be two scenarios where you are using Windows or Mac. You just need to get the IP Address. Let me show you how:

Open windows terminal and type ipconfig in the command line and you will get the following output:

windows IP

You only need an IPv4 address and as you get it not type this in your mobile browser followed by PORT. For instance-


And if you are running any web app on localhost:3000 then you will be able to see that on your mobile devices also.

For Mac users you have to do the same-

  • Get the IPv4 (use ifconfig command)
  • Put that on your mobile device followed by PORT

And hurray!!!

If you are unable to fine the mac IP address then you can take a look the following article:

How to Find Your IP Address on a Mac

Following is the Video demo of how it works: Demo

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