10 CSS Resources that you should bookmark

Oct 23, 2021
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In this article we are going to look at some awesome resource for you that can improve your productivity, I can assure you that you will not regret on clicking this article, so Let's see what I have got for you.

1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism generates the soft UI for your section or div and it can also customize border-radius, box-shadow and etc.


2. Shadows Brumm

Shadows Brumm can generate multiple Layered shadow for you which gives very cool effect and you can customize the color from the curve.

shadows brumm

3. CSS Clip-path Maker

CSS Clip-path Maker can generate beautiful clip-path with various different shapes it can be very handy if you use these king of shapes and properties.


4. Fancy Border Shape Generator

Fancy Border Shape Generator generates most awesome shapes by manipulating border-radius and you can use it anywhere in you project. You can also change the size of shape to check how it'll look with your project preference.


5. Cubic Curve

Cubic Curve basically generates the cubic-bezier for you animation in css. As we know we use ease-in, ease-out etc property for the animation to tell the browser what is the animation's flow. you can customize those properties here.


6. CSS Gradient

If you work with gradient then you will love cssgradient.io. because I am using this for a long time and it's just perfect. and also here you can also get some tools like Gradient Button and many more.


7.CSS Waves Generator

According to me these three waves generators that are awesome to generate any kind of waves it could be for you footer or divider section etc.

CSS Waves

CSS Waves generates simple waves with some customization.


Gradient Multiple Waves

Gradient Multiple Waves can generate multiple gradient waves which is awesome.


Multiple Animated Waves

Multiple Animated Waves can generate multiple gradients waves but the main feature is that it can also generate Live animation for that.


8. CSS Grid Generator

CSS grid

CSS grid generates the awesome css For Grid and you can customize it with div and it will also create the child element for that css-grid

CSS Grid Area

CSS Grid Area generates the grid-area for you. and you can name that and customize the area according to your need.


9. Loading Animated GIFs/SVGs

On loading.io you can generate multiple loading animation and download that as SVG, GIFs, PNG and other formats but the best feature of it is that you can customize these animation to the next level. You should try this.


10. Free Icon Library


Flaticons Library have 5.7M+ vector icons. So you can find any possible icons here and you can use it.



icons8 library also has the vast collection of icons and you can customize them as well, also you can directly use that icon without downloading it.


Wrapping up

I hope you learned something from this article, if yes them thumbs up. There are unlimited resources but I've covered only ten in this article. I'll cover them in the future articles. So consider to Follow.

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