Chrome Extensions of the Month - July 2022

Jul 30, 2022
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In this article, I will suggest you some of the best extensions you need to install for better productivity. So without further due, let's get into it.


It is a new tab with a sidebar that turns Chrome from just a browser into a productivity workspace. It can really boost your productivity. It has tons of features.

Key Features:

  • Quick access to your favorite and most visited sites without opening a new tab
  • Translate text instantly across more than 100 languages
  • See your schedule from Google Calendar on any browser tab
  • You can access your Google Tasks
  • Simple notes that are always at your fingertips
  • Customizable Backgrounds
  • Clock and Weather widgets
  • Motivation Quotes

Download: Manganum

Size: 21.48MiB

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Wordtune is an AI-powered writing companion that understands what you’re trying to say and suggests ways to make your writing more clear, compelling, and authentic.

Key Features:

  • Write a better, clearer message and deliver it the way you intend to
  • Make brilliant vocabulary choices
  • Spend less time editing and perfecting your text
  • Write with confidence
  • Sound more fluent
  • Expand your English vocabulary

Download: Wordtune

Size: 1.42MiB


The Great Suspender

It suspends unused tabs to save memory usage. The flexible settings menu allows setting shortcuts, a periodical of suspending, and many other advantages.

Key Features:

  • suspend opened tabs by schedule or with a single click to save memory
  • restore tab all at one or only one needed
  • create a group of tabs and save it for then using
  • suspend and unsuspend the selected tab or all at once

Download: The Great Suspender

Size: 301KiB



People who don't like too much chaos and prefer simple things as I do. Then this extension is for you. Sometimes you had a thought and you don't know where to write it or even if you write it somewhere then you could lose it. This extension allows you to create a simple New Tab with only just Markdown and nothing else.

Key Features:

  • Simple and Minimalistic
  • Clean and distraction-free
  • Uses Markdown Format
  • Print the Content
  • Multiple Themes and Fonts

Download: Papier

Size: 1.02MiB


Button for Google Calendar

It is a quick overview of your Google Calendar with one-click access. It helps you to create, and customize your google calendar instead of vising the website by yourself. It can also notify you about upcoming events.

Key Features:

  • Constantly reminds you of an upcoming event from your Google Calendar™.
  • Sends push notifications following the meeting settings.
  • Provides quick access to conference links from your events. Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype are supported.
  • Allows you to create new events quickly.
  • Displays meetings from selected calendars only.

Download: Button for Google Calendar

Size: 184KiB



It helps you to discover the highlights of the web, filtered by millions of intelligent people around the world.

Key Features:

  • Search Assistant
  • Show the result that is Trusted by LINER users
  • Highlights Preview (sneak peek at a page’s key contents. See if it contains the information you need)
  • Popular Highlights by LINER users
  • Web & PDF Highlighter
  • Image Highlights
  • Add a comment, and leave your instant thoughts on your highlight.
  • It also comes with LINER New Tab

Download: LINER

Size: 1.29MiB



Disconnect lets you visualize and block the invisible websites that track you. Load the pages you go to 44% faster. Stop tracking by thousands of third-party sites.

Download: Disconnect

Size: 1017KiB



It lets you explore the npm dependencies of any repository within Github itself. On every GitHub repository or folder with a package.json file, scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of its npm dependencies and their descriptions.

**Download: npmhub **

Size: 29.61KiB


Toast - Save Tabs for Later

The extension helps you control open tabs by saving & closing the ones that aren't needed at this exact moment, so you can be more efficient working on one thing at a time.

Key Features:

  • Organize your Tabs in folders
  • One Click to open all tabs in the folder
  • Live synchronization of Tabs and Folder
  • Share the Folder as a link

Download: Toast

Size: 1.6MiB


Email Finder by

Find email addresses on any website. This is an easy-to-use email finder with an inbuilt email verifier, email drip campaigns, and a lot of free tools. also provides a campaign service in which you can use these fetched emails to send the campaign in bulk.

Download: Email Finder by

Size: 211KiB


Wrapping up

These were some extensions for this month (July 2022). I have personally used all the above extensions and from my experience, every extension is worth installing.

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